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Is this the world’s most relaxing cash machine?


In response to recent research exploring the fraught relationship between Brits and their bank balances, Atom, the UK’s first digital bank, creates a uniquely relaxing space for people to come face to face with their finances.

According to research by Atom,  29% of adults have felt nervous or physically sick when checking their account balance, with 85% of people don’t know how much money is in their bank account

7 out of 10 people tested using HeartMath technology actually found it difficult to engage with physical money.

Opening on Wednesday 16th November, visitors to the super soothing Atom ATM will be serenaded by the strings of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as they check their balance and withdraw their money.

The unique  room in central London has been designed to help visitors feel completely at ease as they confront their cash, with soft lighting, feather fans and a soothing live soundtrack delivered by the delicate combination of violas, harps, violins and cellos.

Chief Executive of Atom Bank, Mark Mullen, said: “The UK keeps its finances at arm’s length because money causes people such enormous stress and anxiety. Atom was created to redefine the everyday relationship between customers and their money and we thought we might take some of the pain away from confronting the brutal facts when you go to the nearest hole in the wall, with live serenading courtesy of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.”

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