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A third of Brits take work worries on holiday with them

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A new study has revealed that the UK is a nation of workaholics, with almost a third of British people struggling to switch off from work problems while on holiday.

Commissioned by luxury worldwide holiday specialist Hayes and Jarvis, the survey found that 32% of the nation admit to feeling stressed on holiday due to work, while a staggering 30% of the population have also had their holiday ruined by work.

It appears that stress doesn’t vanish after stepping off the plane either, with Brits taking on average two full days to completely switch off and 75% of those in the capital taking as long as four days to kick back and relax.

The study also found that over a third of women find it harder to relax on holiday if there were problems at work, compared to less than a quarter of men. Brits find it hard to stay away from their phones, with a third checking their work emails and almost half of the nation checking both personal emails (47%) and social media (44%).

To help tackle the nation’s stress problem, Hayes and Jarvis has created “The Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation” – an expert guide to relaxing and unwinding while on holiday. The campaign focuses on the four categories of wellbeing; physical, communication, mental and nutritional, and includes useful tips and advice from experts on how to fully relax throughout your stay.


Collaborating with some of the industry’s leading experts, including Mind and the British Nutrition Foundation, the detailed information pack also has a free downloadable PDF which offers up 24 expert tips to take away and help beat any stress that may creep up.

Robin Harrie of Mindset Coach and Stress Strategist says:Plan a specific, but flexible itinerary to avoid vague, unstructured time where the temptation to work wins. Plan visits to specific attractions or beauty spots, rather than lounging by the hotel pool with hotel WiFi tantalisingly close by.”

Many experts advise practicing mindfulness, which is known to reduce stress, and it’s becoming more and more popular within society. Over 45% of the population believe that taking part in mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation could help them relax while away, according to the survey.

The UK’s younger generation have tapped into the practice, with 60% of 18-24-year-olds believing in yoga and meditation as a mode of relaxation.

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