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Puppy owners get 20% LESS sleep than parents of newborns

Labrador puppy sleeping in a bed

Owning a puppy could be just as exhausting as taking a new baby home, with owners sleeping 1.5 hours less than new parents, according to new research.


The study, commissioned by Web-Blinds, looked at a total of 1,632 parents with children aged one and under, as well as 1,422 dog owners whose pets are less than one year old, were polled by as part of ongoing research into sleep deprivation during important life events.

All parents were asked how many hours they’d slept each night during the first month of their child being born, with the average answer emerging as 6 hours. Puppy owners gave an average of 5 hours and 30 minutes per night to the same question – meaning 21% less sleep.

Dog owners were then asked to state the biggest reasons for their poor sleep during this period, by choosing from a list of possible scenarios. The most common responses were:

  1. Being kept awake by the puppy barking/whining – 74%
  2. Toilet training accidents – 51%
  3. Causing noise/destruction in the house – 38%
  4. Worry/stress over the puppies’ safety – 28%
  5. Getting up early/staying up late for walks and feeds – 16%

When puppy owners were asked if they felt they received adequate support from those around them, just 23% agreed. More than three quarters (76%) admitted their employer and co-workers had added unnecessary stress to the process of becoming a dog-owner by not understanding the impact it had on their life.

Kirsty O’Sullivan, spokesperson for, said:“Becoming a first-time dog owner can be a lot more overwhelming and exhausting than many might realise.

“Suddenly, you are responsible for your puppy’s well-being at all times of day and night.”

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