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Electric Bikes Experience A Surge in Popularity in the UK


According to iconic British bike brand Raleigh this year is the year of the e-bike!

Electric bikes (or e-bikes as they are often known) have captured the imagination of people of all ages and many of us in the UK are now following in the e-bike tyre tracks of Scandinavian and Dutch cyclists where these pedal power – assisted cycles have been a popular choice for almost 20 years.

Whilst e-bikes are fabulous for the older or slightly less fit members of the family (as they make cycling so accessible and enable less than perfect pedallers to tackle hills and headwinds), they also take the sweat out of the daily commute for young urban cyclists and add a whole new dimension to mountain biking.

At this time of year many of us enjoy exercising outdoors and e-bikes are perfect for regular leisure cycling.  Fusion fitness fans are also taking to e-bikes as part of a varied regime, with personal trainers now starting to include electric bikes, as well as conventional cycles, in their recommended workout regimes for their clients.

An e-bike has an electric motor, located either in the hub of one of the wheels or attached to the pedals.  These motors are powered by a removable battery pack that typically provides power for 75km of cycling in one charge. It couldn’t be easier to charge the battery as this is done by plugging it into the charger whilst still on the bike, or simply removing the battery pack and charging it separately.

The e-bike senses how hard you are pedalling and adds the amount of power you need. You can choose to vary the amount of assistance by simply pressing a button on the handlebar, depending on whether you’re feeling energetic and really want to push yourself or just need a little extra boost.

The Raleigh e-bike range covers some 20 different models.  – from vintage- inspired classic leisure e-bikes such as the Raleigh E-Spirit and Array (both pictured below) to urban commuter models included in Raleigh’s Urban range such as the Strada TSE.

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