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Most people do not understand antibiotic resistance, says new survey


Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has warned against the effects of antibiotic resistance in the UK.

Surveys in London, Manchester and Birmingham show that most people that had heard of antibiotic resistance thought the body became resistant to antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance actually means that the bacteria that were originally destroyed by antibiotics are now becoming resistant to the drug.

Dame Sally Davies says: “The public are an essential part of the fight against drug-resistance infections.

“We need to understand how to best communicate with them so that they understand why antibiotic-resistance germs develop, the impact that this could have on individuals and their families and the actions that people can take to help the fight.”

Mark Henderson, Head of Communications at the Wellcome Trust, said: “Wider awareness of the problem of drug-resistant infections could be an important part of the solution, as people who appreciate the issue should be more likely to accept medical advice when antibiotics aren’t the right option for them.

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