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Government announce mental health treatment “revolution”

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In a speech today, Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed plans to tackle mental health problems in young people with eating disorders and new mums as part of a “revolution” in mental health treatment.

He has announced almost a billion pounds of investment which he says will challenge the taboo of poor mental health. As part of these new plans, the government have pledged to invest nearly £250 million into A&E mental health services, as well as waiting times and target for teenagers with eating disorders.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind and Independent Chair of NHS England’s Taskforce on Mental Health says: “This is a significant moment for mental health and we are pleased to see the Prime Minister giving it the attention it deserves.

“Mental health is hugely important in any discussion about improving life chances and mental health problems can affect anyone, from mums-to-be preparing for their first child to older people at risk of isolation.”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England explained that mental health service improvements are at the top of the national “to do” list. “Putting mental and physical health on an equal footing is a far reaching idea whose time has now come.

“Today’s measures are a critical first step, and when our independent taskforce publishes its final report in a few weeks, the whole NHS will need to mobilise to translate their wider proposals into action.”

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