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Could gold dust treat acne?

gold dust

Dr Howard Stevens, founder of The Skincare® Network, is to hold an evaluation trial for a new treatment of acne using tiny particles of gold following the success of the treatment in the US.

The consultant dermatologist says he is looking for 50 patients of all ages to join the trial. “Acne is one of the most common and distressing conditions for anyone to suffer and while it is most common in younger people, especially adolescents, it can affect men and women too,” he said.

“Acne is unsightly and causes embarrassment and can undermine a person’s confidence and even lead to psychological problems.  Stubborn cases may need medicinal creams rubbed into the face daily and some people don’t want to use strong medicines on their face or use treatments that don’t work or take tablets with a poor safety record. This new system could be the answer for these patients.”

Acne is caused by excessive oil, called sebum, being produced by sebaceous glands. Pores become blocked, bacteria cause inflammation and unsightly spots occur.

After a diagnostic consultation with a leading dermatologist, the treatment, called Sebacia, involves a cream containing micro-particles particles containing solid gold being massaged into the affected pores. The doctor then uses a low power laser, usually used for hair removal, to target the problem glands in the areas affected.

Heat changes the glands and reduces the inflammation and over a few days, the unsightly spots disappear.

The Sebacia treatment is has a ‘CE mark’ for use in this country but dermatologist, Dr Stevens, wants to see just how effective the treatment will be.  Every patient will have a consultation, for which there is a modest fee but the actual Sebacia treatment will be free of charge.

“If we can show that the gold micro particles are as effective as the current treatments, then this could be a real breakthrough for those people for whom topical medicines don’t work that well,” said Dr Stevens.

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