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Government to improve workplace mental health standards

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Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that thousands of people with mental health conditions will be encouraged to get back to work, with 3 in 5 people with mental health conditions currently being unable to work.

The Prime Minister explained that mental health is something that needs to be ‘properly addressed’.

‘By providing this extra £1 billion a year for mental health care, we will make sure it gets the attention in the NHS it needs.’

He met with CEOs of Barclays, BT and Royal Mail to agree new workplace standards regarding mental health conditions, aiming to reduce the stigma.

Following recommendations from the Mental Health Taskforce (an independent expert panel chaired by Paul Farmer, CEO of mental health charity Mind) the government are to improve access to treatment for those with anxiety and depression, and to increase the amount of mental health experts in job centres.

According to Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, the aim of going back to work is to promote recovery. ‘This is an important step towards integrating employment and health support to help people find and stay in work.’

A breakdown of what the government will be doing:

  • Improved access to talking therapies after a £308 million investment
  • 29,000 more people with mental health conditions will be helped to find or stay in work
  • More mental health experts in job centres to embed the link between employment and mental health
  • £50 million will be spent to double the reach of programmes finding work for people with mental illness
  • Over £50 million is invested to more than double the number of employment advisors
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