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First Zika pregnancy case confirmed in Europe


A pregnant woman in Spain has been diagnosed with the Zika virus, according to Spanish officials. She is the first pregnant woman in Europe to be diagnosed with Zika.

There have been seven cases of Zika reported in Spain, including the unnamed pregnant woman, who is said to be in good health. She was diagnosed in northeastern Catalonia after a recent trip to Colombia.

The other cases in Spain were diafnosed in Catalonia, Castile, Leon, Murcia and Madrid

The virus has been linked to infected mothers having babies with under-developed heads (microcephaly). It generally shows no symptoms, but some people have a rash, headache, joint pain or eye pain and can last a week. There is no vaccine available for Zika and symptoms are usually treated with paracetamol.

For more information about the Zika virus, see our Zika Q&A guide.

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